Backcountry Experience

Our members appreciate the uniqueness of the backcountry, the history it provides, and the beauty of nature. Many of the trails surrounding both Ranches were originally used by the Sheepeater Indians, explorers and miners. Within hiking distance or a horse back ride of the Flying B Ranch you can find petroglyph art from the Indian tribes that used these area as their hunting grounds. Just north of the Flying B Ranch, Lewis & Clark explored The Middle Fork of the Salmon River until the canyon became too narrow to pass, naming it “Impassable Canyon.” The lower elevation areas near the Middle Fork are wintering grounds for herds of deer, elk, sheep, and goats. In the early spring, our members are able to enjoy watching these herds graze the hillsides surrounding our cabins and lodge. In late spring and early summer the wildflowers are absolutely amazing!

Both Ranches serve as private home bases in the wilderness, allowing our members to enjoy the simpler and quiet life away from the crowds. Members have access to the best of worlds: the wilderness at your doorstep and a comfortable place to sleep with excellent meals. For a more relaxing stay, our members enjoy swimming, wading, reading a book in the shade, and enjoying time with family and friends. For a more adventurous experience, our members hike or ride horses to explore the surrounding areas. These hiking and or horseback riding trips can range from a morning excursion to a multiple day camping trip. In the summer months, after the snow melt, you can ride or hike between The Flying B and Root Ranch. This particular trip is about 60 miles in length and takes several days. Whatever our members choose to do, the Ranches provide the perfect backcountry home base.