The Flying Resort Ranches is a privately held organization made of up 150 members.  Our membership includes pilots, hunters, fisherman, and individuals who have a sincere appreciation for the backcountry and enjoy a wilderness experience.

Membership Benefits

As a member of the Flying Resort Ranches, you have unrestricted access to more than 2-million acres of pristine backcountry wilderness – the largest roadless area in the lower 48 states.  Due to the remoteness of our Ranches, members can enjoy a unique wilderness experience away from the crowds. Our ranches provide access to endless miles of trails used for hiking and horseback riding. In the fall our members interested in hunting use both ranches to access quality deer and elk hunts. The Flying B offers our members easy access to fish The Middle Fork of the Salmon, only steps away from their private cabins. Families can escape from the constant pressure of technology and enjoy sunbathing by the river, playing frisbee, throwing horseshoes, or playing a board game in the lodge.

Becoming a Member

If you are interested in pursuing membership, please contact our office in Salmon, Idaho to request a membership package.  Prospective members will receive both a membership package and application which will require the sponsorship of 2 current members and references, including a background and credit check.  Once completed, the application will go to the Membership Committee for review. Prior to being submitted for approval to the Board of Directors, all prospective members must visit the Ranches.

Any questions should be directed to our General Manager in the Salmon Office.